My Books


I write in a variety of genres, including sweet contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and military romance, to name a few. If you have any questions about the books, feel free to contact me.

Saving Sidewinder
Sensual romance

Sam “Sidewinder” Jameson left the Rangers to keep an eye on his young friend, Kid, as he recovers from their last mission, an injury Sam blames himself for. To tide him over and be close at hand, Sidewinder agrees to a short stint with Hank Patterson’s Brotherhood Protectors. He expects his assignment to guard Alana Christian and her son from threats to be a job, nothing more. What he doesn’t plan on is how the job will change him and his expectations, both of Kid and of himself.

A Family for Bess
Sweet romance

Bess Howard loves her small town, her large extended family, and the job she has with the family landscaping business. However, she has a missing element in her life, a family of her own. When Caleb Ford, her younger brother's friend, returns to Thorn Grove to help his mentor, she's startled at the attraction that blooms between them, both physical and a deep, emotional connection neither counted on. As they get to know each other, Caleb and Bess begin to wonder, can they find the thing neither of them think is possible for them? A family?


Sweet paranormal

You are invited to the annual Masquerade Ball at Castle Amhrán Oiche to celebrate the anniversary of Devlin & Elsbeth Kilmartin. Choose your mask & enjoy an enchanted evening among faeries, time- travelers, the cursed one, vampires, psychics, and other magical creatures. Participate in games, behold new steam-driven inventions, and partake of the Spring Nectar for a magical night. Oh, and those may not be masks.

Christmas at the Old Time Diner

​Liv is spending her first Christmas in Chandler Tennessee at The Old Time Diner. When an unexpected snow storm brings some reluctant customers to her door, she is determined to make the most of a snowbound Christmas Eve. Can Liv give her surprising overnight guests a reason to celebrate this Christmas?